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Welcome to our Photo Gallery​

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the photographs from events and happenings around the DA’s office and community. If you have photos to share, please send them to us as JPG or GIF images.


To view all the photos from any album, just click on the single photo shown.

DA's Office Photos

9  photos


Miscellaneous photos from the DA’s Office

Start By Believing

17 photos

The Holidays

10 photos

Carolyn Duster

43 photos

Grand Ole Opry Impersonation Show, benefitting One Place

8 photos

One Place Celebration with retirement of

8 photos

Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon

19 photos

Assistants Day 2016

4 photos

Rennie Moody, ADA
Swearing In Ceremony

8 photos

Christmas Pizza
Luncheon 2015

10 photos

RSVP Banquet

12 photos

Karen Brewer

16 photos

OnePlace Volunteer Luncheon

12 photos

Candlelight Vigil

46 photos

Grand Jury Room Open House

32 photos

Judy Odem

32 photos

Administrative Assistants Day 2015

14 photos

One Place of the Shoals Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

8 photos

Thanksgiving at the
Courthouse 2014

14 photos

Alisha Brown 20th
Anniversary Reception

21 photos

Susan Harrison

31 photos

Christmas 2013

18 photos

Administrative Assistants Day 2014

20 photos

Carolyn Duster

11 photos


Carolyn Duster celebrates 30 years of service

Thanksgiving 2013

11 photos

DA’s Open House 

47 photos


Photos from our 2012 OPEN HOUSE


47  photos


VOCAL Event photos from April 2013

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