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To the Violent Crime Victim...


If you are victim of a felony involving physical injury, the threat of physical injury, a sexual offense, or any offense involving spousal abuse or domestic violence, or if you are the next of kin of a homicide victim, you have certain rights under the laws of Alabama.


Also, emergency and crisis services are available for you by calling the telephone numbers listed on this site.



If You are Threatened...


It is illegal to threaten or intimidate a witness. If this happens to you, call the Law Enforcement Agency handling your case, or the District Attorney's Office at (256) 764-6351



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Certified Senior
Victim Services Director:

DeAnna Tidwell, LPC


Certified Victim Services Officer:

Michelle Castaneda


Victim Services

Elizabeth Moore


Restitution & Compensation

Many times violent crime victims are entitled to restitution or compensation for medical bills, lost wages, etc.


To see if you qualify, call the District Attorney's Office at (256) 764-6351 or the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission at (800) 541-9833. You may also link to the Commission via the button below.



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Criminal Felony Procedure:

Ms. Tidwell is a licensed professional counselor.  She supervises the victims services officers and works primarily with victims of violent crimes and their families.

Ms. Castaneda is assigned to the One Place Family Justice Center.  She is bi-lingual and is a great advocate for victims at One Place and in the court system.


Elizabeth Moore is a certified Facility Dog Handler. She and our facilty dog, Athens, primarily work with child victims and victims of domestic violence.





If you are the victim of a violent crime or the family member of a victim, our Victims Service Officer, DeAnna Tidwell, is available to assist you.


Ms. Tidwell is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling from the University of North Alabama. She has undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology as well. In 2007, Ms. Tidwell was named Alabama Victims Service Officer of the Year by VOCAL (Victims of Crime and Leniency). In addition, to her job as Victim Service Officer, she offers free Mental Health counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through the One Place of the Shoals Family Justice Center.


Please contact Ms. Tidwell if you are a victim and have questions about your case, or if you need assistance from our office.


If within 60 days you are

not notified of an arrest

in your case, you may call

the telephone number of the

Law Enforcement Agency

handling your case

for a status report.

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