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Photos from July 14, 2016, taken during the annual Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Banquet.  DA Connolly is on the Board of Directors of this organization and enjoys the banquet each year, where seniors who volunteer their time and talents in so many ways in service to the community are thanked and honored.

RSVP Banquet 2016

Will Powell w Volunteer of the Year.jpg
Jeannie and Mike DePriest.JPG
Mike Darling Entertains.JPG
Volunteer Group.JPG
Mrs. Lou Patterson.JPG
Mickey Haddock & Andy Betterton.JPG
Longest Serving Volunteer.JPG
Judge Mike Jones & Laura.JPG
Faye Parker--Ice Cream Patrol.JPG
Brenda Reeder--Ice Cream Patrol.JPG
Judge Carole Medely et al.JPG
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