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Four Violent Offenders Denied Parole

Thompson Parole Denied

I traveled to Montgomery on March 14th to attend four parole hearings. The parole board did its job in protecting public safety by denying parole in each case.

Photos shown in reading order L-R

Reginald Bulls: Serving two life sentences for a series of sexual assaults he committed in the 1980s.

Michael Reeder: Serving 18 years for manslaughter for causing the death of Rita McDonald in March 2005 in a car crash. At the time he crashed into Rita's car, he was almost 4 times the legal limit. He also had 3 prior DUI convictions.

Elton Rhodes: Serving 30 years for his 2003 conviction of attempted murder.

Brian Rutland: Serving a life sentence for his conviction of armed robbery.



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