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Summer Internship Program - Week of Aug. 2, 2017

On August 2nd, we hosted an appreciation luncheon for our summer interns. We had four law student interns work in the office during the summer months:

Max Wright - University of Alabama School of Law

Will Gieske - Cumberland School of Law

Sam Thigpen - Michigan State Law School

Logan Chaney - University of Alabama School of Law

All interns worked diligently on various projects, including legal research on pending cases, assisting with preparation for jury trials, and reviewing and summarizing voluminous records in various cases. They also attended court proceedings and interacted with judges and others in the legal profession.

We appreciate their assistance in the office and wish them ALL THE BEST in their legal careers!

Photo above: Will Gieske

Photos below: Sam Thigpen ; Angie Hamilton & Donna Beck ; Catina Kirkman

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