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Convictions Upheld for Williams & Parker Cases

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals upheld convictions in two cases from Lauderdale County in decisions released on Friday, February 3rd.

State v Jeremy Williams: Williams is serving a life sentence for the murder of Bree Rutland in November 2013. Williams shot Rutland and stabbed him repeatedly. He then put Rutland’s body in a garbage can and threw the body from the Old Railroad Bridge into the Tennessee River. He had appealed his conviction and was seeking a new trial. To view the court’s written memorandum opinion, click here.

State v Stephen Parker: Parker was convicted by a jury in January 2016 of criminally negligent homicide and felony assault. Parker crashed his car into James Heath Green and Mannon Rogers, who were riding bicycles on a county road. Mr. Green was killed, and Mr. Rogers was seriously injured. Circuit Judge Mike Jones sentenced Parker to serve 10 years in prison. He appealed his convictions, claiming that the jury's verdicts were "mutually exclusive" and due to be reversed by the appellate court. The court rejected his arguments and affirmed the jury's verdict. Parker, who remains free on an appeal bond, will likely now file an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court. To view a copy of the opinion of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, click here.

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