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Tribute to Bill Cochran - Week of September 21, 2015

Respected attorney Bill Cochran died this week. I joined with many others in the legal community and a large crowd of his friends and family on Friday, September 25th at his funeral service at the First United Methodist Church in Florence. Bill served as the attorney for DHR in child dependency cases for many years. As a young lawyer, I battled with him in several cases. I learned much from him about the practice of law. He was always well prepared for court and always impeccably dressed, with starched shirt and shined shoes. As DA, we worked together on many cases. Bill was also a member of the Elder Abuse Task Force we established this year. I certainly appreciated his contributions on the task force.

At his funeral his son, Parke, delivered one of the best eulogies I have ever heard. A portion of what he said was posted on Facebook and appears below.

From Parke Cochran’s Facebook page:

“:Now I will carry with me the legacy that my dad leaves my family. I ask that you carry a bit of the legacy too – and while it may be a challenge, as it is for me, it really is about the little things:

* Put God first and family a very close second; * Be kinder to each other; * Be thoughtful to everyone around you, no matter who they are or where they come from; * Tell the truth, even when it’s tough; * An eager, firm handshake beats a reluctant, weak one every time; * When you feel like complaining, just breathe in, breathe out and move on; * Help those who need it even when they don’t have the courage to ask for it (or the means to pay you back); * Take pride in the work you do, it adds a little shine to the otherwise ordinary; * Respect the law not just in some situations but in every situation; * Wear a starched white button down shirt with pair of khaki shorts at least once in your life: And then cut the grass in it; * Most of all, be faithful in life, and LOVE with all of your heart.”

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