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Tribute to Judge James E. Hall II

The sudden death of Judge James Hall on Tuesday, April 7th, at age 55, shocked the legal community and the entire Shoals area. James Hall was my friend and collegue. We began our legal careers together as law clerks in the Circuit Court in 1987. James had a successfull career as an attorney, a city judge, and as probate judge. James was always upbeat and positve. I last saw him on Saturday, April 4th, at the Underwood-Petersville Community Center Breakfast. We chatted about nothing in particular that day, but he was smiling and laughing with those around us as we breakfasted with the folks gathered there at the first-Saturday-of-the-month ritual.

James' visitation and funeral were attended by as many people as I have ever seen at such events. He was a genuine person who loved our profession and serving people in need. He leaves behind his wife, Phylis, his father, Jimmy Hall, two daughters, a brother, a sister, and newborn twin grandchildren.

May he rest in peace.

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