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Arson Fatalities / Rogersville Court Clerk Theft - Week of Feb 24th

The Grand Jury was in session this week. We presented 163 cases to the grand jury over the course of the week.

Two cases of note...

Brewer Arson Fatalities:

On March 14, 2013, the home of Bobby and Sandra Brewer was consumed by fire. The fire call came in at approximately 3 a.m. that morning. Multiple volunteer fire departments responded to the call and fought the fire for several hours before finally extinguishing the blaze.

The bodies of Bobby and Sandra Brewer were found in the rubble, along with the body of their nephew Bradley Adams. The State Fire Marshall's office led the investigation into the cause of the fire and concluded that the fire was intentionally set. Autopsies on the bodies of the Brewers and Adams revealed that the Brewers were dead prior to the fire. Neither had any evidence of smoke nor soot in their airways or lungs. Pathology reports revealed soot in the airway of Adams. Deputy State Fire Marshall Jimmy Collier analyzed phone records and interviewed multiple witnesses regarding the whereabouts and actions of Adams leading up the fire.

After reviewing the results of the investigation, the grand jury concluded that Adams killed the Brewers and set fire to the house with gasoline. The grand jury concluded that Adams was trapped inside the house and died in the fire. SEE GRAND JURY REPORT HERE (PDF)

Rogersville Court Clerk Theft:

The grand jury indicted former Rogersville Court Clerk Angie Roberson for three counts of First Degree Theft for stealing money from the city court system funds. An audit of the court system revealed that an amount in excess of $67,000 was stolen from the City over a three year period. ABI Agent Bill Burke conducted this investigation. Roberson was arrested by Burke on Friday, February 28th based on the grand jury indictment.

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