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Tips for Merchants

Here’s how to avoid taking bad checks...
and what to do if you get one:
  1. The check should be signed in the presence of an employee. Avoid accepting checks which are not signed in the employee’s presence.

  2. The signature on the check should be legible. The employee accepting the check should initial the check. 

  3. Require the presenter of a check to present picture identification. 

  4. Obtain date of birth and other identifying information of the check presenter. 

  5. Verify the address on the check as a current address. Avoid accepting PO Box addresses only. Get a physical address. 

  6. DO NOT accept post-dated checks. 

  7. Merchant service fees cannot exceed $30.00. 

  8. Checks must be presented to the bank within 30 days of presentment. 

  9. Submit worthless checks to the district attorney’s office within 90 days of presentment.

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