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Parole Hearings and Meeting with First Lady Diane Bentley - Week of July 21st

I traveled to Montgomery this week for three parole hearings and also had the opportunity to meet with First Lady Diane Bentley about One Place of the Shoals.

Parole Hearings: Parole was denied for Eddie Frank Chandler, Jackie Borden, and Kwalee Cooper. Chander is serving a 15 manslaughter sentence for killing Chris Stanback. Stanback's death was un-solved for 17 years until we formed a cold case unit and solved it in 2011. Borden is serving a 40 year sentence for raping a 71 year old woman in 1986. Cooper is serving a 3 year sentence for domestic violence assault. The parole board agreed with our position that none of the three should be paroled.

Mrs. Bentley: While in Montgomery, I met with First Lady Diane Bentley to discuss our efforts to establish a family justice center in the Shoals. Mrs. Bentley is very interested in bettering the lives of domestic violence victims. She expressed support for our project. We will look forward to hosting her for a ribbon cutting on our building in the coming months!

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